The Willow School




At The Willow School we believe that our Learners must become independent thinkers that are equipped to complete tasks and solve problems. Our Learners not only discover how to read, write, and process; but they also have experiences to play, dig, plant, design, act, build, sing, experiment, invent, explore, cooperate, and perform community service.

Our curriculum provides a wealth of tools that help teachers ensure they are building the right skills at each developmental stage, and in a manner appropriate for each child's individual learning style. The classroom experience will include:


•    Exploring Academics and The Arts
•    Developing Caring and Respectful Relationships with Friends and Teachers
•    Engaging in Challenging Projects that Builds and Fine-Tune Core Developmental Skills
•    Learning to be Respectful Citizens, Self-Advocates, and Confident Leaders
•    Developing a Lifelong Appreciation for the Multicultural World
•    Exercising Creativity and Individuality
•    Developing a Sense of Partnership with the Environment
•    Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle of Wholesome Snacks and Daily Exercise

The beauty of the learning environment comes from the message the whole space conveys about children and teachers engaging together in the pleasure of learning. There is attention to detail everywhere: in the color of the walls, the shape of the furniture, the arrangement of simple objects on shelves and tables. Light from the windows and doors shines through and healthy green plants are alive everywhere!